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      I'm Kevin S. Wigfield and I've lived in Colorado since 1986. I grew up back east in central Pennsylvania fly fishing at a young age being taught by my father and brothers. We grew to love the great outdoors and the beauty between man and fish. When I moved to Colorado I discovered a new devotion that the Rocky Mountains and the fly fishing waters offered. I've traveled and fished with over 40 of the best fishing guides throughout the western part of the United States. I realized that fishing has a way of transforming individuals, as daily pressures seem to disappear. In 1996 I ventured to the fly fishing capital of the world an "Anglers' Mecca" where the water is so clear and pure in the rivers, you can still drink it freely. Taupo, New Zealand, is a small tourist town of twenty thousand people that is very active and alive in the central part of the North Island of New Zealand. It was there that I arranged to be guided by professional fly fishing guide, Leigh McCarty. 

      Leigh would introduce me to Kiwi-style fly fishing. After catching my first fish that weighed in at 4 pounds, 26 inches, Leigh informed me that this brilliantly colored rainbow trout was small in Kiwi terms. It was at that point that I realized this was a unique sight and a special place. Leigh and I instantly gained a friendship that has brought us together countless times since and has allowed me to acquire a special bond for the quality of fishing, the rivers, his country, and most of all the Kiwi people. Leigh and I have explored the New Zealand backcountry and many gold medal waters in the Rocky Mountain States.

      Leigh has a love and passion for guiding and fishing that has helped us fulfill a vision by creating something distinct for anglers of all ability levels. New Zealand fly fishing is pure, wild, and extreme, with breathtaking scenery. Leigh and I want to capture your dreams as an angler, and provide a rare opportunity of a lifetime by sharing an experience you will never forget. Leigh ranks as one of the top fly fishing guides, highly requested by anglers' worldwide. Leigh's humor, knowledge, ability, and true desire to see an anglers' dreams fulfilled allows us to bring you "Distant Waters" where streams do come true. Treat yourself to a fantasy on water. Here anglers can share and reflect on the same thoughts and ideals that captured my fondness for this vast fishing experience, New Zealand. So sign up mate and we will see you soon. 

                                                                                  Tight Lines,
                                                              Kevin Wigfield


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