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New Zealand Calendar of Seasons



The New Zealand Fly Fishing Seasons: Springtime in October!



Spring in the southern hemisphere brings warming water and the beginning of longer days. It is also the opening of the season for most of the fly fishing districts. The result: hungry browns that haven't seen a fisherman in months! Weighted nymphs will entice in most mountain streams, and evening hatches producing activity on dry fly offerings are not uncommon.



Early Summer (November and December) Long days and cool water combine to produce excellent mayfly hatches. Trout aren't shy when it comes to surface offerings and feed without caution throughout the day, making early summer the best time of year to fish New Zealand's mountain streams. This season also tends to be the least crowded. 



Summer (January and February)The weather is warm and stable and most of the lodges are booked to the gills. Low, clear water makes for easy wading and highly visible fish, but requires a stealthy approach and delicate fly presentations. Small nymphs and dries will produce the most activity. Summer is a good time to try a helicopter trip to more remote locations. If you do this, don't forget your terrestrials! 


Late Summer (March and April) New Zealand weather in late summer is warm, dry and stable. As the weather cools, hatches heat up to produce great activity on most traditional dry fly patterns. Browns are aggressive and active as they beef up for winter and it's an ideal time to try your luck on salmon. 



Fall (May - September) Fall is rainbow-spawning time. Steer toward nymphs in Lake Taupo feeder streams for some of the world's best nymph fishing.

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